The Evolution has started.

Announcing the development of, our new, fully-integrated suite of secure, student data management applications. Coming to you in 2015/16.

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We want to share some exciting developments at School Data Solutions.

First, we've formed a strategic alliance with a national SIS/Fiscal company. We are integrating our products in preparation for a national rollout. This is great for you, because the more we build, the more you get.

We are dramatically expanding our product offerings. Many widgets are becoming full-fledged applications. And some districts have funded custom applications that you will receive when they're done:

Check out our flyers for an up-close look, and give us a call.

To learn more about our new and evolving apps read below.

Student Group Manager

  • Quickly create student groups to identify students for immediate action, or to monitor changes over time.
  • Combine powerful filters across all data-sets into complex Venn diagrams.
  • Photo-centric displays provide quick recognition, and reinforce purpose.
  • Configure filtered student groups to automatically update nightly.
  • Use Analytics to monitor progress and compare performance of groups.

Chart Manager

  • Our ever expanding list of charts are presented in a clear, organized arrangement.
  • Each chart provides an example display and explanation of its use and purpose.
  • Each user can configure their own charts, then use them to see up-to-date data, or save data snapshots to view change over time.
  • Publish Key Performance Indicators to monitor progress, compare performance, view program utilization, and close the achievement gap.

Dashboard Manager

  • Create your own custom dashboards to focus on collections of data around specific themes.
  • Create dashboard templates for others to use with their own data.
  • Create district dashboards for common views across a specific grade level, school, or district.
  • Provide users with a quick view of the priorities established by district leadership or PLCs.
  • Coordinate educator focus by communicating progress on Key Performance Indicators.

Risk Manager

  • Identify which data points are meaningful indicators of student risk and establish multiple levels of risk for each indicator.
  • Establish district-determined indicators, as well as user-defined risk indicators.
  • View Individual student risk profiles.
  • View dashboard summaries of risk per group.

Intervention Plan Manager

  • Establish, manage, and monitor your district's specific interventions and accommodations.
  • Assign interventions to individual students or groups of students.
  • Record progress, accomplishments, and communications.
  • Combine short and long term interventions.
  • Manage multiple interventions for each student.
  • Mass-print intervention plans and results.
Intervention Plan Manager screen shot

Student Data Browser

  • View all kinds of data about a single student, at one time, in one place.
  • Configure each data-set to show current or historical data, filtered to suit your purposes.
  • Print a customized, comprehensive report.
  • Save user settings to return to the same view you left for each student.
  • Configure mass print of customized displays.
Student Data Browser screen shot

Assessment Analytics

  • Combine assessment scores from state tests, district bench-marking tests, teacher classroom assessments and 3rd party vendors.
  • Display all scores in a common color scheme for easy analysis.
  • Create customized, comprehensive views.
  • View item analysis data across multiple administrations, over time.
  • View student performance on multiple standards, over time.
Assessment Analytics screen shot

Student Data Grids

  • Users can create their own custom configured student data grids, choosing from all available data points, with advanced configuration options.
  • District staff can schedule the delivery of data grids sent to targeted users.
  • Each user gets their own students, with the data that matches their needs.
  • Data grids can be targeted to teachers based on course codes, and principals based on school type.

KPIs & Board Reports

  • Automatically generate charts for your district's unique, customized Key Performance Indicators.
  • Deliver Board Reports for fast and easy access for your school directors.
  • Deliver meaningful data to the public, to highlight your successes and communicate your goals.
  • is able to automatically generate what districts spend dozens of hours assembling.


  • This fully integrated solution is designed to manage, administer, and report on student assignments and assessments.
  • It fully aligns with common core state standards (CCSS), and it enables educators to easily produce standards-based Gradebooks.
  • Each Gradebook can be standards-based, traditional, or a combination of both.
  • Teachers can compose their own assignments, and share them. Or they can import assignments from shared banks.
Gradebooks screen shot

Assessment Manager

  • District staff can compose common bench-marking assessments, and push them into any or all gradebooks.
  • Educators can develop assignments and curriculum around topic and subject, to share.
  • Individual questions can be added to a district-generated item bank.
  • Student submissions and scores can be combined across teachers and schools, and integrated into analytics for district-wide and longitudinal displays.
Assessment Manager screen shot

Assessment Taker

  • Students can access assignments and assessments online, from school or at home.
  • Assignments can be accessed repeatedly, or marked for one-time administration.
  • Assessments can be formative, to teach students while they practice taking test online.
  • Questions can be tied to Common Core Standards, to support standards-based grading.
Assessment Taker screen shot


  • Evaluations enables school districts to manage the process of evaluating educators and administrators, according to district policy and negotiated contract terms, all while fully complying with the Washington State TPEP requirements.
  • All relevant data is combined into an annual summary, for year-end rating.
  • Designations are automatically calculated, based on district policy and OSPI regulations.
  • New features integrate calendars, communications, alerts, and emails.
Evaluations screen shot
Check out the new WhisperNet additions we're building for Meredith Honig at the UW College of Education

4 Year Planning

  • Students can create 4 year course schedules (pathways) to ensure they are meeting their post-secondary goals.
  • Students can easily monitor progress, create new pathways or edit current pathway if goals change.

We are preparing some promotions for current customers to try additional products free of charge. And remember, all of your subscription dollars go towards additional product development, so it's a win-win. Give us a call, to give them a try.