Automate your
Attendance Compliance
and keep students learning

In this season of virtual learning, stay in compliance and completely present for your students

The data you need to minimize chronic absence

The data you need to minimize chronic absence

Washington's OSPI is right: the typical "punitive" absence strategies are ineffective and draining for schools, students, and families. It's time for more positive attendance management.

The Attendance Compliance application bundle empowers everyone to reduce absences. Online check-in helps students take ownership of their learning in a virtual environment. Real-time attendance views let teachers engage each student on a personal level. And customizable reports empower administrators to correct inequities in students' learning opportunities.

Make the most of your attendance data

Track absences accurately and reap the attendant benefits.

  • Proactive interventions
    Get automated alerts to help nip chronic absence in the bud. Reports illuminate the groups most at risk.
  • Promoting transparency
    Families can see their child's absence record. Admins can see all notifications sent home.
  • Integrated and custom-fit
    The applications work directly with your SIS and can be adapted to meet your district's needs.

Stay present for your students
with actionable attendance reporting

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Complete attendance management
One bundle with two powerful applications




Gather attendance data

  • Easy check-in process for students and parents joining online lessons
  • Up-to-the-minute attendance reporting for teachers
  • Links to student profiles, for understanding that bridges the social distance

sick student



Coordinate absence follow-up

  • Surface the students who meet your selected absence conditions
  • Charts reveal absence trends for individuals or entire groups
  • Notifications home are created in the system and tracked for easy reference

At-a-glance info
Get the insight you need to address absence issues quickly.

Absence Response attendance chart screenshot

Understand how illnesses or other factors are affecting your absences.

Roll Call attendance sheet screenshot

Instantly see who's attending a virtual teaching session — or logging time in asynchronous learning.

Absence Response notification screenshot

Template your staff's correspondence with parents for consistent, clear, and compassionate messages.

Absence Response attendance demographics screenshot

Analyze absence data by gender, race, or program to uncover critical absence patterns.

To effect higher attendance, we have to go beyond enforcement.

The Attendance Compliance bundle helps your district meet the standards of ESSA and WSIF. More importantly, it helps you drive down absences — by delivering the data you need to identify and eliminate barriers to education.