Classroom ensures all my assignments, gradebooks and report cards adhere to today's standards-based learning.

Bringing efficiency to day-to-day tasks.
Classroom, helps you prepare as well as succeed.

Classroom is an integrated solution to manage, administer, and report on student assignments and assessments. It fully aligns with common core state standards (CCSS), and it enables educators to easily produce standards-based gradebooks. Educators can share Classroom gradebooks, assignments, and questions to ensure a common set of curricula at the course, grade, building, or district level; providing all students with a similar learning experience.

Save time with preloaded standards-aligned assignments banks

Districts can purchase third-party item banks which contain learning standards-based questions and/or assignments. Assignments can be organized into gradebooks which get assigned to whole student groups. Students can then complete assignments on-line via a student interface, where they will be automatically scored. Scores can also be entered manually for any assignments completed on paper.

Create and share district-level assignment and questions

Educators can share assignments and individual questions can be added to a district-generated item bank. Educators can combine resources to create targeted curriculums, based on building or district-wide initiatives to enhance student growth.

Scoring made simple

As you score students work, you get both a traditional gradebook; and a standard-based gradebook, including weekly measures of student learning by standard.

Classroom iPad screenshot