Educator Evaluations allows me the flexibility to accommodate the unique needs of my school district.

Incomplete data can lead to incorrect conclusions.
Educator Evaluations is a powerful, flexible tool to manage the entire evaluation process. Every aspect is customizable to perfectly meet your needs.

Evaluations enables school districts to manage the process of evaluating educators and administrators. It was designed so that districts can be in full compliance with state and federally-mandated law. Each district has their own policies regarding the evaluation process, and our application has the flexibility to accommodate the unique needs of individual districts.

There are two main roles in the application: the Evaluator and the Evaluatee. Each evaluation consists of a series of tasks and the Evaluatee's position and level determines what those tasks are. There are a variety of types of tasks such as meetings, observations, and evidence collectors. Observation tasks can contain the evaluation form. The form can be based on the criteria frameworks of Danielson, Marzano, State 8, or CEL.

During the yearly evaluation cycle tasks are completed, if not they become late, and they can be shared between the Evaluator and the Evaluatee. The application produces an end-of-year summary which conveniently lists all performance levels for all evaluated criteria, additional critical attributes, and notes. Soon it will also calculate a final score as well as create reports for administrators.

Student Growth Chart

One of the most powerful features of Evaluations is the student growth chart. Choose a student group, choose two assessments, and view the change in performance for members of the group who have taken both assessments. This chart allows for legal compliance for using student growth for evidence in the evaluation process.