4 Year Planning

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With 4 Year Planning your students can begin the important process of creating a four year plan for high school courses and activities. The course choices students make affects their future, as well as their overall satisfaction with school. 4 Year Planning encourages students to discuss the options they're exploring with family and friends, and to play out multiple scenarios as they take advantage of the rich array of courses and activities offered. 4 Year Planning allows students to create a personalized plan that helps them explore areas of interest as well as taking required courses to develop foundational skills for success after high school.

Students can create as many four year plans as they want, but must identify one as their primary plan. The primary plan is used for scheduling and to plan for resource and staffing needs into the future. Students can keep their primary plan up to date as four year plans evolve or change over time.

Career Paths

To begin, students identify a career path and specific jobs of interest. Based on research, students will know the level of education or training needed for these types of jobs. Each personalized pathway created starts with this thinking to ensure four year plan positions meet the entrance requirements for education or training beyond high school.

4 Year Planning offers 6 common pathways out of the box, and more pathways can be added per district involvement.

6 Common Pathways:

  • High School Diploma
  • 2 and 4 Year Technical Colleges
  • 2 Year Colleges
  • 4 Year Colleges
  • Competitive Colleges
  • Highly Selective Colleges

My 4 Year Plans

Students can develop multiple pathways or plans. Varying plans will determine the level of education or training required, and how competitive the program or institution will impact the types of courses students need to take and activities they may want to consider.

Students must select a Primary Plan. This plan is leveraged by the school for resource planning and equipment for future terms.

My Pathways

School Data will import your high school comprehensive programs and courses. You and your students can filter on multiple criteria to see all the courses in a category and can save courses that interest students to "My Courses". 4 Year Planning is designed to not only keep students on track but keep counselors and advisers better informed.

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