Graduation Monitor

A way to easily and seamlessly identify, track, and intervene through each year of High School.

Track all Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate High School, students must fulfill three sets of requirements:

  • Set #1: Credit Requirements
  • Set #2: Non-Credit Requirements
  • Set #3: Assessment Requirements

The specific requirements are often different for each graduating class. Since we will be monitoring students, we will identify students who are off-track for graduation requirements. For example, instead of identifying students who have not completed all credits, we will identify students who are falling behind on the credits they need to stay on track through the end of their senior year.

The Graduation Monitor helps staff to:

  • Identifies students who are off track for graduation.
  • Details exactly which requirements each student is off-track for.
  • Organizes students who are off-track, into distinct groups.
  • Optimizes those groups to differentiate between students who need individualized attention, from those who can be helped quickly, en masse.
  • Empowers educators to take action with these targeted groups.

On a per-student basis, we will examine each requirement, to determine whether it has been met. And of those requirements that have not been met, we will determine whether the student is off-track. But we will start by examining an entire graduating class at one time. We will specifically be looking at all currently enrolled students who are expected to graduate in a single, given school-year. For example, the "Graduating Class of 2018".

Above we see, at the highest level, how many students are at-risk/off-track for one or more of the three graduation requirement sets. The students who fall outside of all three requirement-set risk-indicators are on track for graduation.

The overlapping Venn regions represent students who are off-track for more than one requirement-set. By having these discrepancies broken out in this way, users can identify students who are off-track in a single requirement-set, and mass-assign them an intervention or support. And for those students who are off track in multiple requirement-sets, educators can target individual students for intensive, specialized interventions.

In the graduation monitor, we see the counts of how many students are at risk for each combination of high level graduation requirements: Credits, Assessments, and Non-Credits but the Graduation Monitor also provides a corresponding Student Data Grid to deliver detailed data points for each student, to identify where and why they are flagged "At risk".

Want to learn more about Graduation Monitor?

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