The High School and Beyond Bundle

A way to easily and seamlessly guide students through the entire HS & Beyond Process

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High School & Beyond Bundle, offers simplicity, efficiency and success!

The bundle itself guides you through career research and exploration, four-year high school course planning, and finally, graduation monitoring, for tracking students off-track for graduation.

We also make this information easily available in our other applications, so key players can ultimately view the valuable data they need on their students. And every single selection or output is completely customizable based on your district's needs.

The High School & Beyond Bundle helps staff to:

  • Provide a single tool to students, that allows success across all aspects of HS & Beyond.
  • Educators can receive informed data for their students on researching, planning and tracking.
  • Keep all of the data in one system,
  • Utilize this data in all other aggregate displays such as Charts, Dashboards, KPI's, Data Grids, Interventions, etc., so that you can distribute this data to those educators in need.

Career Planner

For Career Planning, students begin by taking a Career Assessment, to identify careers that align with their interests. After the student has found an interesting career, they can research, to discover the necessary training, and which courses they should take in High School.

They can also, create goals for their future. Make educational plans to reach those goals. And find the right schools to help them achieve their dreams. At every step of the way students can save resources into their portfolio for easy access later.

For each student, the system automatically generates a printable High School & Beyond CheckList and a customizable Resume with a single click.

Whether you're ready to find a job now or you want to make a plan for more education and future employment Career Planner has the tools you need.

Four Year Plans

Now, with the Four Year Plans application, they can begin to assemble their high school plan to pursue their goals. Students can add and remove courses by simply dragging and dropping. When they do, the application alerts them to all state, district, and self-imposed graduation requirements.

After the Four Year plan is completed, the student can quickly determine whether their plan fulfills all requirements.

Graduation Monitor

The Graduation Monitor identifies students veering off course and arranges them into groups, based on the specific challenges to overcome.

Educators are enabled to quickly and easily group students for intervention and target individuals for intensive support to help each student reach the top.

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