The High School and Beyond Bundle

Guide students through the entire career planning process — simply and seamlessly

An elegant solution for a challenging task

There's no single formula to career planning. By definition, it's highly individualized and personal. So you need a user-friendly and flexible framework for exploration — one that provides value to all your students, no matter what profession they're pursuing.

Integrate that framework with your School Information System, and in just a few clicks, students can turn their dreams for the future into achievable plans, while educators review and encourage their progress.

Turn a mandate into an advantage.

The High School and Beyond bundle positions your district to:

  • Get clear and actionable data on students' graduation readiness and academic needs, individually and corporately
  • Serve a broad array of student interests with a single, information-rich resource
  • Maintain complete compliance with House Bill 1599
  • Guide students on an exciting and empowering journey of self-discovery


Career Planner

Set students on a personalized path to success

The Career Planner guides students through multiple assessments, then identifies careers that align with their interests. Students can dive deeper into each career or explore broadly across a professional field — helpful information is always just a click away so they can navigate freely in a self-guided journey of discovery.

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The discoveries include learning what training is required for their career interests and which post-secondary schools provide the programs they need. At every step, students can save resources into their portfolios for easy access later.

Students can even generate a printable High School and Beyond checklist and a customizable resume. Completing tasks is fun and easy with a game-style visualization, and students feel the achievement of making successive progress toward careers that are uniquely suited to them.


Four Year Plans

Build a strong bridge between students' education and their profession

With career goals in mind, students begin to assemble their high school course plan in the Four Year Planner. Students can add and remove courses by simply dragging and dropping. The application alerts them to all state, district, and self-identified graduation requirements.

Students can easily see if the plan meets their requirements and can edit their plan at any time. Counselors can view students' course plans and manage waivers and exceptions with clear visibility.

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Graduation Monitor

Gain actionable insights into students' graduation readiness

Improve graduation rates across your district with the Graduation Monitor. Through clear data visualizations, counselors and administrators gain high-level insights into each student's success across 13 different metrics. They can then drill into the areas of concern for each individual, or track requirements across an entire class or other student group.

Educators can personalize their monitoring, with complete flexibility to filter and order the data in the way that is most meaningful and actionable, as well as aggregate the data into other displays such as dashboards, KPIs, or charts. They're then empowered to intelligently intervene with at-risk students or groups.

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Want to learn more about the High School and Beyond bundle?

Contact us to learn more about how this application bundle gives you a rich student-facing career-planning application, a graduation requirements manager, and a direct link to secondary student performance data — all in one user-friendly package. Email Contact@SchoolData.net or complete the form on this page to schedule a personal demonstration.