Homeroom gives me
all my student data in one convenient place.

  • Quickly assemble student groups
  • Track student group progress
  • View individual student details

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Homeroom for Educators unifies and organizes student information via our powerful online data portal

We import data from student information systems like WSIPC/Skyward, such as demographics, grades, attendance, and discipline, and combine it with data from other sources, such as assessment scores loaded directly into the application. Then, we give it all a consistent look and feel via easy-to-use interfaces, so that all of your student data is in one convenient place.

Homeroom student information systems info graphic

One easy-to-use resource for all your data needs.
With data from so many sources, the charting possibilities are endless. That's why we encourage you to partner with us to build exactly what you need.

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Homeroom for Educators is the culmination of turning awesome ideas from educators into reality for over five years. Here's a list of our most powerful tools and features:

  • Student Spotlight

    A dedicated page for each student encompassing valuable data in single view…

  • Assessments

    The Assessment Widget allows viewing of single assessments, assessment sets, disaggregation and item analysis…

  • Student Groups

    Nightly, Homeroom generates student groups based on enrollment information such as school years, grade levels, classes, and activities…

  • Risk Indicators

    This highly configurable widget displays and calculates indicators related to risk…

  • Student Learning Plans

    This time efficient widget allows for SLPs to be mass assigned and mass printed…

  • Data Extracts

    We have over twenty-five types of extracts, each built for a specific data visualization need…