Educators can establish, manage, and monitor your district's specific interventions and accommodations.

Interventions, Accommodations, and Supports, for Individuals and Groups

You can assign interventions to individual students or groups of students, and record progress, accomplishments, and communications. You can combine short and long-term interventions, as well as manage multiple interventions for each student. The Interventions application also incorporates referrals and interactions for your students.

Interventions helps staff to:

  • Monitor and track students and their Intervention Plans.
  • Recording progress or goals to the Intervention.
  • Document Communications with Students in regard to their Intervention Plan.
  • Create Displays in Charts + Dashboards for student on Intervention in order to monitor progress, compare performance or to take action.

All of the displays and selections across the whole Interventions application can be configured to specifically meet your needs. Every district begins with a default load of Interventions data, but the system has no restrictions on: what Interventions are offered, which fields are displayed, and what exports of data are presented.

Interventions is also integrated with all other applications which means you can incorporate Charts in your plans, deliver detailed intervention data to teachers in the form of a Data Grid, or deliver highly customized printable PDF's using Reports.

Want to learn more about Interventions?

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