Engage with the RIGHT data... Key Perfomance Indicators from School Data Solutions

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Superintendents and Directors need the right data.
Data that directly informs action.

We enable district administration and directors to gain a common perspective and make informed decisions through a series of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). They present charts in dashboards, combined with context and narrative to help superintendents and school boards make steering decisions for their district. They can be auto-generated, and available anytime throughout the school year. And all of the data contained in KPIs can be delivered to educators who work directly with students – this aligns all perspectives across the entire school district.

Benefits of School Data Solutions KPIs:

  • Our data extraction experts get the data points you need
  • Auto-generated, saving districts hours of manual assembly
  • We provide summative narrative and key findings
  • FERPA compliant

Sample KPIs:

Click below to get a closer look at some of many KPI's available:

School Data Solutions has created meaningful visualizations of metrics you feel are important. The list below is a sample of KPIs we can provide your district:

Grades and Credits

  • Counts of D's and F's
  • Grade Distribution
  • Average G.P.A.
  • Average Credit Count
  • G.P.A. Distribution
  • Credit Distribution


  • Annual Percent Meeting Standard
  • Percent Meeting Standard
  • One Year, School, Grade with Assessments and Programs
  • One Year, School, Grade with Sub-Groups


  • 90% Attendance
  • Discipline Incident Counts and Averages
  • % of High School Students who Graduate vs. Drop Out
  • Absence Counts and Averages
  • Attendance by Schools, Assessments and Programs
  • % with Zero Discipline Incidents

For each of these metrics, you can see change over time for a single group of students, or a comparison view of multiple sub-groups.

Want to learn more about KPIs?

If would like to learn more about our Key Performance Indicators, email us at contact@schooldata.net, or fill out the form on this page for your own personal demonstration.