Introducing Reports

Integrated data in a structured layout to create printable documents

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Configurable reports formatted for fast and easy output.

Our Reports application is designed to help you generate form letters, produce student progress reports, and combine historical data with text to deliver meaningful reports to stakeholders in your district.


Types of Reports

There are multiple types of reports you can generate, from bulk mail merge reports for every student, to an individual student weekly status report. Whatever your purpose, strives to meet your needs and provide the customized reports necessary for your district.

Some examples of reports you may select are:

  • English Language Proficiency such as WELPA (Bilingual) letters
  • SBA Notification letters
  • Student reports such as the 8th grade SLP report
  • Weekly student progress reports
  • Comprehensive report cards

What is included in your customized reports package?

Once a report is generated, it is compiled into a downloadable PDF for saving and printing.

Most of our reports include the following:

Want to learn more about Reports?

If would like to learn more about our Reports Application simply contact us at or, fill out the form on this page for your own personal demonstration.