Risk Indicators

Improving education through insightful early warning indicators

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Risk Indicators let school districts utilize any available data point as a measure to determine risk and give stakeholders valuable student insights.

School Data Solutions Risk Indicators make it easy for users to quickly configure data points and assign students to monitor risk. Each user can create their own risk indicators. Some users will have the authority and ability to designate their risk indicators as district defaults, such that every user who logs in to the system will see their own risk indicators as well as the district defaults.

To view student risk, you can select one indicator and one student group to see where they appear on the threshold of student risk, or you can pick a group of students and select a succession of risk indicators and view the detail in each column.

For each data point, the district can establish thresholds for an unlimited number of levels of risk, and each risk indicator can incorporate more than one data point.

Simple Configuration of Risk Levels

A risk indicator could include the number of unexcused absences in the last 90 days and the number of discipline incidents in the last 6 months, filtered by course type or discipline incident type such as violence, drugs, or weapons. The multiple fields can be combined into a single risk indicator and each risk indicator has those levels of risk.

Risk Indicator examples include:

  • Absences
  • Disciplines
  • Number of classes with D's and F's as the final grade
  • Credits being lower than expected
  • Current F's in a grade book or missing assignments
  • Being on a program (Free/Reduced Lunch, Special Ed)
  • Being of certain ethnicities

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