Announcing Student Data Grids

Student data you need, when you need it, simple and fast.

Watch video to learn about student data grids

Pressed for time?
Student Data Grids provide you valuable student data delivered on the days that you need it.

At School Data we're always striving to save you time. With Homeroom you get data extracts, assessment analytics, student spotlight views, and all of your data, all in one place. But when you're pressed for time you need something faster.

Timely delivery

Wouldn't it be nice if you could get the valuable data points you care about on the students you care about and have it personally delivered on the days that you need it?… by the simple click of a button.

Well, now you can. Student Data Grids are a comprehensive and customized spreadsheet listing your students with the data columns you requested in the order you want.

You've got mail

Accessing your Student Data Grids is as easy as checking for an email from on the days you requested, press the big green button to authenticate your identity and your data grid will download immediately. It's that simple!

They're for everyone

Whether you're a principal scheduling balanced classes, a teacher examining incoming students, a Specialist Monitoring progress, or an entire Professional Learning Community (PLC) working together to compose student growth goals… The timely delivery of your data is key.

How do I get Student Data Grids?

You can get the student data you need when you need it, And you can do it now.
Just fill out the signup form on this page and someone from will contact you soon.