Student Groups

The ultimate student collection tool for identifying, investigating, and taking action

One-time setup gets you valuable student insight all year long.

The Student Groups application lets users configure one or more filters to generate a collection of students. These collections, or student groups, can be saved as Static Groups that don't change, or Smart Groups that are updated nightly. This effective and powerful application is designed to group students together for the following:

  1. Identify students to take action
  2. Monitor progress of a single group
  3. Compare performance of multiple groups

Student groups can be assembled from data retrieved from the district's Student Information System (SIS), any assessments platform, and third-party data systems. Leveraging the student data, teachers and administrators can create very specific student groups using powerful filter combinations and then view the different groupings in VENN diagrams.

Identify and Take Action

Leverage VENN Diagrams to identify students based on multiple filters; match ANY filter, match EVERY filter, or match SOME filters.

In this case we have identified students that match any 2 but not 3 filters.

  1. Filter 1: Hispanic ethnicity
  2. Filter 2: 8 or more absences
  3. Filter 3: 2 or more discipline incidents

Student Groups Venn Diagram Example

Access Student Groups from Other Applications

Filtered student groups can be viewed in real-time. You can also save the filters so that the student groups updated nightly. Student groups are fully integrated and accessible in our other products; Charts and Chart Dashboards, Risk Indicators, Key Performance Indicators, and Student Data Grids.

Zero in on Distributions

Each student group can be arranged to look at the distribution of students. For example, you can examine the ethnic composition of all students on Special Ed. Or, determine whether there are more boys than girls in a particular program compared to the overall proportion of the population.

Distribution Examples

Student Groups Distribution Examples

Monitor Progress Examples

Student Groups Monitor Progress Examples

Compare Performance Examples

Student Groups Compare Performance Examples


Easily Identify at Risk Students and Take Action

Student Groups can be used to look for students that you need to take immediate action on, or set up a series of filters to show risk that you can monitor over time.

Create Your Own Groups or Use Pre-Built District Defined Groups

Each user has the ability to create and save their own Student Group Filters as well as copy and share with others for collaboration. Districts can also create a set of Group Filters for staff to utilize.

Download Student Group Metrics

Users can download student group metrics to see ethnicity, gender, attendance counts, discipline counts, assessment data and more.

Student Groups Metrics Example

Student Groups can be arranged by gender, ethnicity, program participation and other metrics

Want to learn more about Student Groups?

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