With a strong focus to deliver the best in products and service to our customers, we aspire to be the gold standard in school data delivery, value and innovation to every customer relationship.

Here's what some of our customers are saying:

  • Travis Hanson

    Superintendent, Deer Park School District
    travis.hanson@dpsdmail.org • 509-464-5507

    "It's the right tool, at the right time."

  • Joshua Meek

    Assistant Superintendent, Moses Lake School District
    jmeek@mlsd.wednet.edu • 509-793-7724

    "Across our state they really are the leader in what's happening with school data."

  • Russ Hill

    Assistant Superintendent, East Valley School District (Yakima)
    hill.russell@evsd90.org • 509-573-7321

    "A very comprehensive program."

  • Eric Hevland

    Assistant Principal, East Valley Central Middle School
    hevland.eric@evsd90.org • 509-573-7521

    "Willing to go up over and above what you would expect."

  • Charlotte Davis

    District Data Specialist, Bellingham School District
    Charlotte.Davis@bellinghamschools.org • 360-676-6470

    "Makes my job a lot easier."

  • Kamee Williams

    Assessment System Coordinator, Evergreen School District
    Kamee.Williams@evergreenps.org • 360-604-4161

    "Saved us a tremendous amount of time...and money. It was customizable and more comprehensive than other systems."

  • Janae Roy-Verhey

    Student Learning Improvement Coordinator and Coach, East Valley Elementary, East Valley School District
    royj@evsd90.org • 509-573-7633

    "What used to take me a couple hours is now taking me minutes to create. Teachers and the classrooms have that data at their fingertips all the time."

  • Lynn Caulkins

    Assessment & Data Specialist, Edmonds School District
    CaulkinsL@edmonds.wednet.edu • 425-431-7195

    "I very much appreciate your prompt responses to things. I know we have been creating a lot of work for all of you these past few months. I hope you take some comfort in knowing this is all because your product is being used by real educators to help real kids and you are making a real difference for them."

  • Nancy Katims, Ph.D.

    Director of Assessment, Research, & Evaluation, Edmonds School District
    katimsn@edmonds.wednet.edu • 425-431-7302

    "For over 12 years, our district has had a data analysis software tool for tracking student achievement, so we have users who are relatively data savvy and have high expectations. Homeroom is the third system we have had, and is by far the most user friendly. One of our regular district uses of our data system is to support our periodic elementary grade-level data meetings. An observer at a recent data meeting (where Homeroom was used for the first time) remarked to me that Homeroom made the conversation more powerful than she's ever seen-- with the Assessment Sets laid out in front of the group, the teachers could see at a glance the students who are struggling, and those who had made growth vs those who had not. In addition, we truly appreciate the timely responsiveness of the SDS staff; they really listen to us and are clearly working to evolve the system to meet the needs of the users. We also find that the regular User Group meetings where staff from different districts share ideas and strategies, as well as explain enhancement ideas to SDS, are very helpful at many levels."

  • Susie Lynch

    Director of Research & Assessment, Sumner School District
    susie_lynch@sumnersd.org • 253-891-6086

    "The software from School Data Solutions constantly evolves to fit our changing needs. It always gives our staff the information we need to improve student achievement."

  • Lee Giske

    School Counselor, Littlerock Elementary, Tumwater School District
    lee.giske@tumwater.k12.wa.us • 360-709-7250

    "I benefited greatly from the training provided by School Data Solutions. It's so nice to be able to speak directly to the people behind the software."

  • Rick Goble

    Supervisor of Assessment/CTE, Tumwater School District

    "The Homeroom Program is a critical, user-friendly tool for our district. It provides us with the current data needed for our teachers, counselors and administrators to make informed decisions which in turn benefit students."

  • Judy Ritola

    Secretary of Assessment Department, Battle Ground Public Schools

    "I am excited to be working with School Data Solutions. Homeroom is very easy to navigate and is extremely time-saving for me in my position which requires compiling and analyzing data. School Data Solutions is constantly changing to meet the needs of me - the customer. The customer service is great; and the monthly meetings give us a chance to meet with other Homeroom using districts."

  • Molly Stickler

    Data Technician, Battle Ground Public Schools
    360-885-5441 • stickler.molly@battlegroundps.org

    "SDS has worked with us as we implement and as we recognize additional needs. They are incredibly responsive in making their products even better - and the products were great to begin with!"

  • Nancy Smith

    Director of Instructional Programs, Lakewood School District

    "The software is definitely user friendly, and I always get quick responses via email or through the Help Center. During the first year of implementation, the training opportunities have been extremely helpful and appreciative."

  • Sandy Ruthruff

    Information Specialist, North Mason School District

    "We love working with School Data Solutions. You have a great product that is continuously updated to meet our changing needs and your easy-to-use reporting tools save us valuable time. On top of that your customer support is friendly and responsive with quick answers to all of our questions. Thank you for making our jobs easier!"

  • Minerva Morales

    Superintendent, Mabton School District

    "The Homeroom Program is providing our educators with relevant data essential to our efforts in preparing our students to graduate with the skills to be successful in college, career and life. A key component of the program is that we can customize the data to create our own 'Early Warning System' whether the need be by demographics, families, schedules, grades, attendance, discipline, activities and/or programs in addition to combining it with assessment data from multiple sources. Though the program is in the initial stages of being implemented in Mabton School Districts, our educators are excitedly embracing the tool to drive their instructional and programmatic decisions."

  • Brian Graham

    TOSA, Camas School District

    "Homeroom has allowed our District, Schools, and Teachers to access, analyze, and visualize student data. School Data Solutions is constantly changing to meet educator needs. The customer service has been timely and knowledgeable."

  • Barb Moses

    Director of Technology, Assessment and Data, Toppenish School District

    "School Data Solutions (SDS) is customer oriented and education driven. They have an amazing training team that provides excellent professional development and prompt customer support. Our administrators, teachers, counselors etc. love the ease of use of Homeroom and Evaluations. As educators, we state our needs and wishes to SDS and they find ways to grant them which in turn allows them to provide products that are used effectively and efficiently to inform student instruction and ultimately increasing student achievement. We are extremely proud to be partnered with SDS."

  • Matt King

    Teaching and Learning Services, Snohomish School District
    matt.king@sno.wednet.edu • 360-563-7304

    "In business as in life, it's all about relationships and School Data Solutions has invested the time, effort and expertise to develop a great working relationship with Snohomish. For close to five years, SDS has partnered with our district to develop versatile learning-centric tools for our teachers and principals. What makes this relationship work so well is that SDS's designers and developers never presume to tell us what we as educators need. They listen and respond quickly to our ideas and craft solutions that work for our folks. We intend to keep building on SDS's great systems and service."

  • Jeff Hogan

    Executive Director of Information Technology, Snoqualmie Valley School District

    "It has been an absolute pleasure working with the team at School Data Solutions. Their customer service is unparalleled! They are always willing to help, are quick in responding to queries and go above and beyond the call of duty in every aspect of their service."

  • Brian Rick

    Director of Research and Assessment, Bellingham Public Schools
    brian.rick@bellinghamschools.org • 360-676-6470

    "Homeroom is super easy for staff to jump into - making it possible to save time creating data and have more time to use data. School Data Solutions has done a great job scaling up their support as the product evolves and the client list grows. They are smart and responsive, working hard to give Washington school districts what we ask for."

  • Vince Riccobene

    Executive Director, Teaching & Learning, Sequim School District
    vriccobene@sequim.k12.wa.us • 360-582-3269

    "Our district has been using SDS for a couple years. We find it to be a useful tool in School improvement Planning, data analysis, and tracking target students. School Data Solutions is second to none in terms of customer service and support."

  • Pam Farr

    Executive Director of Teaching and Learning, Shelton School District
    pfarr@sheltonschools.org • 360-426-1687

    "I have worked in five different schools districts. I have tried on four different occasions over the past 28 years to implement a robust, user-friendly data system that provides timely information to teachers and administrators. Finally, I have one that really works! School Data Solutions has developed a set of online tools that are easy to access and meaningful for classroom teachers, counselors, support staff, and school and district leaders. One of the main reasons for Homeroom's success is the responsiveness of the School Data Solutions team. They listen to our needs, and quickly find ways to help us access the data. When issues arise, someone's on it within a matter of hours (sometimes minutes) to make sure things are working smoothly. School Data Solutions really feels like a partner, not a vendor. We appreciate that!"

  • Stacy DeLeon

    Student Based Case Manager, Mt. Adams School District

    "Homeroom has been a lifesaver. We have been waiting for an Early Warning System for over two years now that could help our district identify our at-risk students not on track to graduate. As the saying goes "work smarter, not harder" and for the longest time we were creating our list manually after an attempt using DEWIS fell through. Even though we are a small school, students still get lost in the various systems. We needed an EWS to ensure such warning systems trigger the appropriate support and provide follow through until the student is back on track. Homeroom has been able to identify and rank students demonstrating at-risk factors and gives us a chance to intervene. The system is so easy to use, the programmers use information already available in our student information systems and work with you to refine it to your school districts individual needs. Now that we have Homeroom, we are now able to better identify students for referrals to our Resource Management Team for intervention."

  • James Heinle

    Principal, Harrah Elementary, Mt. Adams School District

    "School Data Solutions has enabled the principals in our district to have an aligned and calibrated system for teacher evaluations. The information that is gathered is what drives our Joint Principal discussions and the data that is collected is invaluable to determining staff needs and areas of focus. Our teachers have monthly data huddles and the ease of using School Data Solutions has made the interactions and discussions about data much more indepth and informative. The added value of School Data Solutions is the customer service. Having Debbie Racey as a service representative has been exceptional as every request and idea has been met with a willingness to create a solution."

  • Todd Hilmes

    Principal, Naches Valley Middle School, Assessment Coordinator, Naches Valley School District

    "School Data Solutions has a great product for evaluation that keeps getting better. One of the big reasons our district chose SDS was their responsiveness to our needs and suggestions. It's nice to know that in the current world of "one size fits all" education, we have tools from a company that believes in meeting the needs of individual districts!"

  • Rachel Dorsey

    VP/Teaching & Learning, Chehalis School District

    "I want to share my pleasure in working with representatives from your company. Pauline Hitch and Lorie MacFarlane, in particular, have been wonderful representatives for your company with their cheerful and timely responses.

    Pauline has been incredibly responsive with scheduling and providing trainings in our district, as well as providing video link resources for an unexpected training I was asked to teach.

    Lorie MacFarlane has been particularly exceptional these past few weeks in helping us troubleshoot some EasyCBM issues and upload data at an incredible pace to ready us for a quickly-approaching 2014-2015 school year. She also offered her assistance via a web conference.

    Representatives like these, generate credibility and confidence in the services School Data Solutions offers."

  • Mike Brophy

    Superintendent, West Valley School District

    "We decided early on to join School Data Solutions. We made a great decision then, and have maintained an outstanding relationship. One of the ongoing expectations in our district is Quality Customer Focus - We strive for this as a team and are proud to know that School Data Solutions embodies Quality Customer Focus."

  • Dr. Anthony L. Smith

    Superintendent, Riverview School District

    "As we researched changing our student performance data repository system to something that would be more effective for staff, School Data Solutions and the Homeroom product really stood out in terms of sophistication. The ability to customize our data sets within a user-friendly system is beginning to translate to student improvement as we learn to use the data results to adjust interventions on weekly basis. In addition, the customer service aspect of Homeroom is superb! We have the ability to engage with them in a timely manner to meet our ongoing needs, real-time."