Improve graduation rates
with Graduation Monitor


Identify at-risk students

Keep students automatically aligned
to the right graduation requirements.

Explore the benefits

Simplify your monitoring, with one checkpoint
for missed credits, low test scores, or incomplete career plans.

  • Intervene early

    Visual indicators help educators
    find needs without sifting through
    reams of student data.

  • Empower students

    Students and parents see
    which requirements are not yet
    accounted for in their
    Four Year Plan.

  • Targeted support

    Group students with common
    needs for the most effective


How it works

Flexible analytics mean you can review graduation risk in the way that’s most meaningful to you.

  • Dive into the details of each requirement to see
    what’s completed, planned, or needed.

  • Understand the needs of an entire class
    with a detailed Venn diagram.

  • Monitor efficiently, with an easy-to-read
    summary that draws on both the SIS and
    the student’s Four Year Plan.

  • Pull up a list of all students missing a
    requirement, for possible group mediation.

  • Stay on top of the current graduation
    with a quick-reference section.

  • Review students by group to identify
    common risks to graduation.

Take action to help
students gain ground.

Surface the qualitative data that helps head
off graduation risk — before students feel
hopelessly behind.


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