Find common ground with
Key Performance Indicators


Create coordinated

Create meaningful visualizations
that enhance decision-making
and foster a shared purpose.

Explore the benefits

Drive high-priority decisions with clear graphs delivered right to your dashboard.

  • Trend

    View change over time
    for a student or group,
    or compare results over
    multiple subgroups.

  • Key findings at
    your fingertips

    KPIs elevate your most
    important metrics and
    supply narrative context.

  • Time-

    Select your metrics and
    data points once, and
    KPIs update automatically
    with new data.

The KPIs are powerful tools for us to meet the needs of kids while we still have the ability to make an impact on their educational outcomes.

Travis Hanson

Superintendent, Deer Park School District

How it works

Create a shared focus through common dashboards and printable reports and charts.

  • Review and share trends in assessment performance,
    student engagement, graduation rates, and more.

  • Surface the areas of greatest need, comparing
    across subgroups or school populations.

Empower your professional
learning community.

Shared data leads to shared purpose.
Identify your best paths to student
growth, together.

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