The Dashboards and
Distributions Bundle

Data delivered where and when you need it


Put your data to work for
you and your students.

Picture key data points, updated daily and served up in
easy-to-read charts and flexible tables. And not just any
data points, but the ones that are relevant right now —
like the latest assessment scores or info on your next
term’s students.

Tailor your Dashboards and Distributions to your team’s
needs, and draw out the exact data that drives your day.


Make your most important data visible to the right people, at the right time.

  • Homeroom Dashboards screen

    Homeroom Dashboards

    Homeroom Dashboards is a powerful portal that brings your data together and brings it to life. Access all your student data in a user-friendly interface that’s customizable to you.

  • Risk Indicators screen

    Risk Indicators

    Risk Indicators let school districts utilize any available data point as a measure to determine risk and give stakeholders valuable student insights.

  • Student Data Grids screen

    Student Data Grids

    The timely delivery of your data is key. Student Data Grids are comprehensive and customized spreadsheets listing your students. Get the data columns you request, in the order you want, automatically emailed to staff per your timetable.

  • Student Groups screen

    Student Groups

    Powerful filters let you integrate all your data sources and create groups for one-time discovery or long-term monitoring.


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