Prioritize student safety
with Individual Health Plans


Care for the whole
student, simply

From dosages to diagnoses to doctors’
contact info, school nurses and teachers
have the right data to address students’
individual health concerns.

Explore the benefits

Integrate health plans with your other student data
so staff who need it have instant access to medical information.

  • Personalized
    and private

    All the staff who work
    with a student — and no
    one else — can see their
    health plan online.

  • Easy
    to find

    Educators can access
    their students’ health
    plans directly from
    their Dashboards.

  • The right info in
    an emergency

    View or print detailed
    health information, including
    steps to take in case of
    a medical event.


How it works

Put all the facts in staff’s hands, organized for quick access and a potentially life-saving response.

  • Review all active IHPs for the current school year, with
    the health concern and case manager clearly visible.

  • Save time in setup — select a condition, and the
    smart plan adjusts to display only relevant fields.

  • Empower quick action, with listings of staff members
    qualified to respond to specific health events.

  • Include detailed information about condition
    history, PE restrictions, and special precautions.

Your best option for
managing student
health concerns

With the Individual Health Plans app, teachers
rest at ease, knowing they can access their
students’ health details at a moment’s notice.
Parents are happy knowing that critical medical
info is accessible to all their child’s teachers.
And students get the care they need, when
they need it.



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