Simplify attendance reporting
with Absence Alerts


Fill in the absence gaps

Notify parents when a student misses class,
then automatically feed their responses
into your student information system for
a clear picture of your unexcused absences.

Explore the benefits

You can’t fulfill state requirements around unexcused absences until you know which
absences are actually unexcused.

  • Automated

    Emails or SMS text messages
    offer families quick and
    convenient ways to indicate
    reasons for absence.

  • Custom

    Create your own
    templates for parent absence
    notifications, tailored to
    your school and users.

  • Save hours
    in follow-up

    Minimize manual tracking
    and calling of families,
    with a system of automatic
    notification and simple


How it works

Review parent responses and absence excuses all in one place, instead of filtering through emails,
calls, and drop-in messages.

  • Reach families at any time of day with email
    surveys or SMS text messages that
    parents/guardians can reply to in moments.

  • See which classes or parts of the day students
    are missing.
    Data can be surfaced as often
    as every hour.

  • Review the excuses submitted by parents, and
    re-send alerts to families who have not responded.

  • Export the day’s responses and load directly into
    your SIS,
    then mark the absences off to clear your
    Absence Alerts table.

Eliminate the endless
chasing after absences.

Absence Alerts frees up time for your
attendance staff while also creating a
consistent, convenient process for families
to explain absences and monitor their child’s

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