Simplify and track your
Absence Response


Address absences

Make it easier to act on the absences that
need your attention. From parent
notifications to truancy petitions to
intervention plans, now you can access all
your absence response tools in one place.

Explore the benefits

Compliance is built right into Absence Response, complete with the
language of the law for easy reference.

  • Maintain

    Surface the actionable
    absences identified by ESSA,
    state regulations, and
    district policies.

  • Streamline

    Action lists guide attendance
    secretaries to all the absences
    that require a response.

  • Communications
    made easy

    Send home notifications via
    letter, email, robocall, or
    SMS text message —
    all within the app.


How it works

Automatically illuminate the absences that require a response. Each absence action is
aligned to state law and your district’s policies.

  • Attendance secretaries address absences
    one by one or in bulk. The status of each task
    is clearly indicated.

  • Generate and send absence notifications customized
    to your district, or schedule parent conferences and
    IEP/504 meetings.

  • Review a student’s absences by the
    period, day, week, or month.

  • Administrators gain insight into all accrued
    absences and how promptly they’re being addressed.

  • Examine attendance trends for individual
    students that may reflect root causes.

  • Launch an intervention plan from the absence
    record, and it pre-populates to the affected student.

Absence compliance
that’s simple and

Stop bouncing between systems to meet
your attendance requirements. Absence
Response puts everything in easy reach, so
you can get students back on a positive
attendance track fast.


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