The High School and Beyond Bundle

Set your students on a personalized path


Integrated and
individualized career prep

Effective career planning is individualized and personal.
You need a user-friendly and flexible framework— one that
provides value to all your students, no matter what profession
they’re pursuing.

Turn a mandate into an advantage

The High School and Beyond bundle positions your district for:

Complete Compliance

Fulfill WA House Bill 1599
while you guide students on
an exciting and empowering
journey of self-discovery

Early Intervention

Get clear and actionable data
on students’ graduation
readiness and academic
needs, individually and

Equitable Preparation

Serve a broad array of
student interests with a
single — and information-rich
— online resource



The bundle’s five applications together create a seamless High School and Beyond
experience for students, teachers, and administrators.

  • Career Planner screen

    Career Planner

    Students assess their interests and preferences, map them to potential careers, and understand the college or training programs that will help them succeed.

  • Four Year Plans screen

    Four Year Plans

    Students assemble their high school course schedule with personal career goals in mind, while counselors set appropriate boundaries through state-or district-defined course requirements and managed exceptions.

  • Future Ready Skills screen

    Future Ready Skills

    Students set goals, gather feedback, and chart their progress in developing 21st-century skills, constructing a well-rounded resume of their accomplishments in all areas of their lives.

  • Graduation Monitor screen

    Graduation Monitor

    Clear data visualizations provide actionable insights into students’ graduation readiness and enable monitoring on an individual or group level.

  • Readiness Indicators screen

    Readiness Indicators

    Students’ completion risk is scored along multiple academic and behavioral indicators to alert you to their readiness or need for support.


Educators don’t
need more homework

Avoid fines for non-compliance — let help you stay on top of
changing laws and regulations.


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