Identify and support your
district’s Highly Capable students


Find and guide promising
students with ease

Pinpoint students with exceptional potential
and create a personalized path to help them
develop their abilities.

Explore the benefits

Earmark strong learners in any area of study and simplify the task of creating academic
or leadership challenges for their growth.

  • Identify and
    refer candidates

    Customize your Highly
    Capable program, identifying
    specific criteria to discover
    exceptional students.

  • Cross-reference

    Collected assessments,
    achievements, interests, and
    needs are automatically
    integrated into one tool.

  • Mold your
    plan model

    Craft individualized,
    accelerated learning plans
    with unlimited options for
    goals and evaluation metrics.

Working with the team has been a wonderful experience. School Data Solutions was incredibly responsive
in designing the HiCap application to meet all of the requirements that I outlined. The team masterfully
integrated ideas from other districts that served to improve the functionality and effectiveness of the
application for all of us.

Verlaine Meyers

Highly Capable Program Coordinator, Arlington School District

How it works

Build a network of support around your exceptional students, with concrete educational
goals that are accessible to all their educators.

  • Drill down through student data to surface
    underrepresented candidates who may not have
    been discovered with traditional assessments.

  • Lesson plans are designed in step-by-step
    Assessment, aptitude, and achievement
    metrics are easily integrated.

  • Customize and categorize the goals to be
    monitored in Highly Capable programs throughout
    your district.

  • Use input from teachers, guardians, and the students
    to evaluate placement and understand
    opportunities for growth

Shine your students’
light — without burning
out staff.

Educators know they’re effective when they
are maximizing their students’ potential. The
Highly Capable App is flexible enough to serve
your most uniquely promising students with
the precise challenges they need.



Owning giftedness in the middle grades

Excerpt from Presents webinar with Wendy Clark, “Self-Advocacy Skills for Middle Level HiCap Students”

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