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self-advocacy skills
for HiCap Students

Join Past President of WAETAG Wendy Clark to
explore ways to help highly capable students,
especially in vulnerable middle grades, recognize
their strengths and advocate for their needs.

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Always-present compliance
and convenience

We’ve made it easier than ever to record,
review, and respond to student absences.



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Fuel more student achievement, with the
only off-the-shelf solution that’s tailored
to your district’s unique needs.

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High School and Beyond

Get your students

Students plot a career path and select
appropriate courses. Educators get tools
to help head off graduation risk.



One place to
manage all your data

Our bundle of integrated apps makes it
easier to post job openings, screen candidates,
log evaluations, book substitutes, calculate
salaries, and more.



The positive
attendance solution

Meet your attendance reporting
requirements and surface the data to
address chronic absence.


Homeroom Dashboards

Data that drives action

Produce positive change in your schools.
Focus staff efforts on student needs
with data-driven insights, updated daily.


All your data. All together. All usable. streamlines all your data — on students, staff, courses, and more — into one
user-friendly framework.

One system for all your data

Move easily between district-wide statistics and student-
level details in our fully integrated platform.

Bring your data to life

From interactive displays to shareable content, your
data stays dynamic and actionable.

See the path to improvement

Visual representations of your data paint a clear picture of
your school’s success and areas for opportunity.

Data driven.
Student centered.

Enhance your impact with automated data insights,
customized to your district.

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A platform you can build on

Each application was developed in-house and with educators. Applications are bundled to
focus on specific data sets, but can be integrated together for maximum efficiency and efficacy.

Alternative Learning

  • Alternative Learning Experience

    Fulfill all documentation requirements while you support students learning outside the traditional classroom setting.

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  • Homeroom Dashboards

    Elevate the info that educators need every day, with dashboards customized to your district and each user’s role.

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Attendance Compliance

  • Absence Response

    Chart absence rates and patterns, to streamline attendance oversight and surface risk factors for specific populations.

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  • Roll Call

    Create a positive attendance experience with student-driven check-ins and live reporting.

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Attendance Compliance BUNDLE


  • Classroom

    Manage assignments, grading, syllabi, progress reports, and more in a secure, cloud-based application.

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  • Roll Call

    Create a positive attendance experience with student-driven check-ins and live reporting.

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Dashboards and Distributions

  • Homeroom Dashboards

    Elevate the info that educators need every day, with dashboards customized to your district and each user’s role.

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  • Risk Indicators

    Utilize any available data point as a measure to determine risk and give stakeholders valuable student insights.

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  • Student Data Grids

    Ensure timely delivery of actionable student data with comprehensive spreadsheets, customized by you.

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  • Student Groups

    Identify highly targeted groupings based on data from your Student Information System, assessments, and behavior or discipline records.

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Dashboards and Distributions BUNDLE

Data Extracts

  • Charts

    Paint a picture of student, teacher, or school performance, with clear and colorful charts you create with ease.

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  • Data Tables

    Pull preconfigured tables of the datasets educators use most, and mark your favorites for easy access.

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  • KPIs

    Find common ground with shared KPI dashboards, complete with context for informed decision-making by administrators.

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  • Notification Letters

    Standardize, personalize, and manage the paper trail on all types of parent notification letters.

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  • Reports

    Generate classroom lists, student report cards, and other meaningful reports in PDF form to deliver to stakeholders.

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Data Extracts BUNDLE

High School and Beyond

  • Career Planner

    Students explore careers that fit their interests, as well as the college and training programs needed for those professions.

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  • Four Year Plans

    Students assemble a high school plan that matches coursework to graduation requirements and to their personal career goals.

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  • Future Ready Skills

    Help students cultivate the character traits and skills that will make them successful in any profession.

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  • Graduation Monitor

    Access qualitative data to track student readiness and assist at-risk students in their progress toward graduation.

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  • Readiness Indicators

    Go beyond GPA to measure students’ graduation readiness, using the SIS and Four Year Plans to inform your interventions.

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High School and Beyond BUNDLE

Human Resources

  • Employee Records

    Simplify budgeting and contracts with integrated job application, evaluation, and professional development data.

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  • Evaluations

    Access data from student performance stats to evaluation history, and customize benchmarks to state or local metrics.

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  • Jobs

    Customize job requirements, design interviews collaboratively, and collect applicants’ supporting materials electronically.

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  • Professional Development

    Create your own courses, issue transcripts, and maintain compliance as an approved clock-hour provider.

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  • ReadySub

    Best-match technology and automatic notifications save hours in identifying and scheduling the best available substitute.

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  • Volunteers

    Automate your volunteer screening and onboarding to get help into the classroom faster.

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Human Resources BUNDLE

Student Plans

  • 504 Plans

    Simplify the evaluation process, guiding users through the creation of written notices, eligibility forms, and 504 plans.

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  • Highly Capable

    Support gifted and talented students with personalized and easy-to-create learning plans.

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  • Individual Health Plans

    Share the precise info needed to prevent and treat student health issues, like allergic reactions or asthma attacks.

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  • Intervention Plans

    Assign interventions to individual students or groups, and record progress, accomplishments, and communications.

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Student Plans BUNDLE

Solutions you can trust

  • All your data
    in one place
  • Secure backups &
    privacy controls
  • Auto upgrades
    as new features
    are released
  • Sort, filter,

Educators don’t
need more homework

Avoid fines for non-compliance — let help you stay on top of
changing laws and regulations.

“I am excited to be working with School Data Solutions. Homeroom Dashboards is very easy to navigate and is extremely time-saving for me in my position which requires compiling and analyzing data. School Data Solutions is constantly changing to meet the needs of me — the customer”
Judy Ritola Secretary of Assessment Department, Battle Ground Public Schools
“Saved us a tremendous amount of time… and money. It was customizable and more comprehensive than other systems.”
Kamee Williams Assessment System Coordinator, Evergreen School District
School Data Solutions has a great product for evaluation that keeps getting better. One of the big reasons our district chose SDS was their responsiveness to our needs and suggestions. It's nice to know that in the current world of ‘one size fits all’ education, we have tools from a company that believes in meeting the needs of individual districts!”
Todd Hilmes Principal and Assessment Coordinator, Naches Valley School District

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