The Human Resources Bundle

Manage all your HR needs in one place


Bringing together education’s
most powerful HR tools

Automatic calculation of your staff’s FTE and placement on
the salary schedule. Dashboards that display this week’s
substitutes. Clock hours immediately documented for
educators’ certification. The Human Resources bundle surfaces
personnel data when and where you need it.

Because we work with established providers like HRM+ and
ReadySub, you’re backed by decades of school-specific HR
expertise. We manage the minutiae so you stay in
compliance with all federal and state regulations.

Protect your district with expert HR support

The Human Resources bundle forms a solid foundation for your data resources — leaving your
staff free to focus on the humans themselves.

Legal compliance

You don’t have to research
the latest legal language.
It’s already built into
each document.

Cloud-based security

Sensitive personnel
information is housed in
secure servers. User access is
based on roles that you define.

Complete support

Our apps are built and
customized to your needs by
school HR professionals who
speak your language.



The bundle’s applications together create a seamless Human Resources experience
for applicants, managers, and administrators.

  • Employee Records screen

    Employee Records

    Manage employee placement, generate contracts and payroll authorizations, and fulfill compliance reporting in a single click.

  • Evaluations screen


    Integration with your student data helps remove subjectivity. The result? Staff and teachers stay informed and school goals get achieved.

  • Jobs screen


    Simplify every step of the hiring process, from job creation and interview coordination to reference checks and new-hire processing.

  • Professional Development screen

    Professional Development

    Save money and manage your own clock hours. It’s easy to create, register, and log participant hours on countless training sessions.

  • ReadySub screen


    Never call substitutes again. Absences get posted in seconds, your staff can request their favorite subs, and substitutes can accept from any device.

  • Volunteers screen


    Streamline the application process and empower your staff to easily find the pre-screened volunteers who fit their needs.


When you manage HR
for schools, you don’t need
more homework.

Let School Data Solutions do the legwork for you!
We’ll keep you in compliance with all applicable
regulations — from affirmative action reporting to
ADA accommodations to background check
renewal — and minimize mistakes from mindless
data entry.

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