Get set for graduation success
with Four Year Plans


Prep for high school
and beyond

Help students easily build and refine
a Four Year Plan that meets all their
academic and career-path needs.

Explore the benefits

Empower your students to build four-year plans that meet their graduation
requirements and personal goals for the future.

  • Personalized

    Align courses to students’ stated
    plans for college, military, or
    career training.

  • Avoid senior-year

    Automatically populate the
    right requirements based on
    graduation year, as set by your
    district or state.

  • Financial

    Connect students with financial
    aid info to complete their career
    or college education planning.


How it works

Clear tracking of completed requirements and easy editability makes the Four Year Plan
a living document that grows with the student.

  • Add, remove, or replace courses with ease
    in the drag-and-drop interface.

  • Ensure proper scheduling with system indicators
    for prerequisites and term-limited offerings.

  • Manage waivers and exceptions for students’
    high school coursework.

  • Integrate Four Year Plans into the Graduation Monitor,
    so students and staff stay on top of graduation goals.

Empower students to
pursue their unique path.

Robust and responsive plans prepare your
students for future success, wherever they
choose to achieve it.


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