The Student Plans Bundle

Simplify compliance with customizable templates


Making it easier to meet
every need

Integrate all your student plans into one bundle, and
you facilitate increased awareness of student needs,
better coordination between educators, and a clearly
documented and targeted plan for each student.


Each plan is designed with the law in mind, and built-in fail-safes help ensure compliance.

  • 504 Plans screen

    504 Plans

    Be confident that you are fully documented and in compliance, from the prior written notice through the annual review. Dropdown selectors and templated forms make it simple to create plans quickly and put them into action.

  • Behavior Interventions screen

    Behavior Interventions

    Understand the antecedents of students’ behavior issues. Create intervention plans with personalized goals and accommodations so educators can monitor the strategies that make a difference for each student.

  • Language Services Plans screen

    Language Services Plans

    Get an entire team of educators on the same page. Together, teachers implement the tools and strategies that help students find success while they build their language skills.

  • Highly Capable screen

    Highly Capable

    Better serve your gifted learners: develop individualized learning plans with ease and integrate them into student profiles for maximum transparency and accountability. Enhance equity by drawing on unique data metrics to uncover exceptional students.

  • Individual Health Plans screen

    Individual Health Plans

    Prepare your staff to prevent or respond effectively to student health issues. Treatment information and emergency contacts are only a click away for every teacher, coach, or specialist who interacts with a student.

  • Intervention Plans screen

    Intervention Plans

    Use Intervention Plans to document any remediation and track the results. Cross-functional teams can manage individual student learning plans while setting goals and mapping progress for a larger group.

  • Student of Concern Plans screen

    Student of Concern Plans

    Bring all your resources to bear for the students who need them most. Student of Concern Plans coalesce teachers, specialists, and parents/guardians into one cooperative unit.


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