Provide support students need
with Intervention Plans


Standing in
the gap

When students require additional assistance,
you’re ready with Intervention Plans that are
customizable and fully compliant.

Explore the benefits

Build plan templates at the district level, freeing educators to efficiently improve learning for every student of concern.

  • Flexible and

    Enhance equity with plans
    you can personalize to each
    Title I, learning-impaired, or
    chronically absent student.

  • Facilitate

    Coordinate multiple teachers
    and specialists into a strong
    network of multi-tiered
    student support.

  • Clear

    Incorporate displays from the
    Charts and Dashboards apps
    to map the real-time effects
    of intervention strategies.

It’s one thing to look at a test score. It’s another thing to look at a student’s test score combined with attendance combined with current grades or overall GPA or the number of failed classes. It allows us the opportunity to really monitor student progress and quickly act if a new student is bubbling to the top of the priority list.

Dr. Joshua Meek

Former Superintendent, Moses Lake School District

How it works

Don’t waste time combing years of history when a student needs intervention now.
All the relevant data on a student is accessible to the PBIS/MTSS team.

  • Access all a student’s details in one place, from
    assessment history to service participation to
    medical needs.

  • Record progress and reference Charts to show the
    efficacy of individual or group intervention plans.

A strong foundation for
effective student supports.

When a student needs intervention,
you can’t waste time on plans that don’t
address the real issue. Automatically
assemble all the resources needed for
a fast and coordinated response.


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