Make more informed
Educator Evaluations


Evaluations that inform
and empower

Integrate student performance goals
and evidence for data-driven evaluations
that foster teacher growth.

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Explore the benefits

Access data from KPIs to evaluation history, and customize benchmarks to state or local metrics.

  • All-in-one

    Manage all your evaluation
    meetings, notes, and evidence
    in a single application.

  • Build in

    Start from an industry-standard
    evaluation framework, then
    customize to state or local metrics.

  • Focus educator

    Keep student growth goals and
    ratings rubrics front and center
    throughout the year.

School Data Solutions has a great product for evaluation that keeps getting better. One of the big reasons our district chose SDS was their responsiveness to our needs and suggestions. It’s nice to know that in the current world of “one size fits all” education, we have tools from a company that believes in meeting the needs of individual districts!

Todd Hilmes

Principal and Assessment Coordinator, Naches Valley School District

How it works

Tailor evaluations to fit your district while you stay in compliance with state and federal law.

  • See evaluation tasks that are completed or stalled
    on a dashboard specific to your role.

  • Bring together meeting notes, due dates, and
    file uploads
    related to each evaluation task.

  • Start from an evaluation template based on
    Danielson, Marzano, State 8, or CEL criteria.

  • Schedule regular check-ins to stay on
    top of student growth goals.

Incomplete data can lead
to incorrect conclusions.

Empower both educators and administrators,
with a more objective and collaborative
evaluation process focused on real results.


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