Steer students to success
with Career Planner


Help students get

Guide students toward self-knowledge and
fitting careers with a wealth of informational
resources and proven self-assessments.

Explore the benefits

Fulfill career-education requirements while helping students discover their unique place in the world.

  • Self-guided

    Students log in directly, while
    staff monitor their progress
    through each phase of discovery.

  • Up-to-date

    Facts about salary expectations,
    college programs, and more
    are constantly updated through
    our partnership with WOIS.

  • Future

    Students take inventory of their
    own skills, preferences, and
    achievements to add to
    their printable resume.


How it works

Layered assessments lead to clear career paths for students to explore.

  • Start students with self-assessments to
    understand their personal bent.

  • Provide searchable info on colleges and
    vocational programs across the country.

  • Enable deeper research with rich resources
    covering tasks, training, and salary ranges.

  • Lay a foundation for career conversations with
    students’ self-selected career interest list.

  • Offer economic insights with the interactive
    “reality check” budgeting tool.

  • Help students start to build an academic
    and skills resume from an early age.

Help your students find
their best-fit career path

Combine rich research sources with
proven assessments, and you empower
students with self-awareness they’ll use for
years to come.


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