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educators’ deepest data wishes.

Students and teacher in a classroom

Outside-the-box thinking

We’ve worked with hundreds of districts, and no two are exactly alike. Let us put our skills to work on your custom software requests, from a printable proportionality report to a new student-facing attendance application.

If you need it, we can build it.

Custom Reports

Create reports that meet your unique needs — without eating up hours of preparation time. Work with our
developers to automatically generate presentation-ready reports for any topic your administrators,
board members, or families need to review.

Custom Charts

Data sinks deeper when it’s clarified in colorful custom charts. Transform any dataset in your system into impactful visuals.

Custom Extracts

Your data system isn’t delivering if it can’t help you answer your district’s most important questions. Design data grids
with exactly the info your educators need to make informed decisions.

  • Example extract displayed on laptop

    Principals designed downloads to help correlate absences, failing grades, and other risk indicators with course and service data

  • Example extract displayed on laptop

    Color coding and categories convey the district’s custom thresholds for risk — and inspire action

Custom Dashboards

A custom dashboard is the simplest way to make sure your staff always sees data that is relevant and timely.
Set up a dashboard that adjusts to user roles, district goals, or school terms.

  • Efforts get focused by elevating PBIS initiative
    information and YOY comparisons

  • Flex dashboards with the seasons to emphasize
    data that’s immediately actionable

  • Surface data from the 504 Plans application to ensure
    accommodations are in effect — and effective

Custom Applications

No one knows better than you which data could best help you help your students. That’s why we continually work with clients to realize the new applications they’ve dreamed about. Whether your goal is to increase student agency, ensure equal treatment, or discern student needs beyond the academic, we can help display the data that makes a difference.

Let’s create the next edtech innovation — together.

Every application and feature came to life because we listened to the needs
of educators like you. Bring us your data challenge, and we’ll work with you to develop a solution.

We would love
to hear from you!

You can request a personalized demonstration of
any application.

Or just tell us what you need from your data, and
we’ll brainstorm with you to find the best solution.