Student Groups

Every night, Homeroom generates student groups based on enrollment information such as school years, grade levels, classes, and activities. In addition, custom student groups can be made via our Student Group Manager. These can be either static groups (where students are added by name and the groups do not change over time) or smart groups (where students are added by attribute and the groups change as attribute matching changes).

In addition to enrollment attributes, smart groups can be made based on demographics, grades and credits, service participation, behaviors, assessment performance, and graduation requirements. So if you wanted a list of all 10th graders currently in Special Education with a GPA between 2.0 and 2.9 and at least five discipline incidents in the last nine months, you can generate it. You can save that group, and as students that match those attributes change, the group's membership is updated.

All of these attribute choices were provided to us by leading educators in the State of Washington, and everyday users also provide us with product direction. For example, recently we have added the ability for users to share groups. The amazing thing about student groups is that once made, they can be ran against all of our powerful data visualization tools.

Homeroom: Student Group Manager screenshot


The CAA/CIA Widget displays all information relevant to Certificate of Individual Achievement (CIA), the Certificate of Academic Achievement (CAA), and diploma achievement, so that a student's graduation status can be viewed at a glance.

Homeroom: CAA/CIA screenshot