Each student has a dedicated spotlight page. This allows all of the various types of data about a student to be on a single view. The different types of data are grouped together in widgets. Some of these widgets are listed below.

Homeroom: Schedule screenshot


The Schedule Widget displays the student's class history. It displays class names, periods, terms, and (when available) grades. Like many Spotlight Page widgets data can be dove into more deeply. Click a class to spotlight it or hover over a grade to differentiate credit-earning versus progress reporting.

Homeroom: Schedule screenshot


We pull attendance data nightly. Weeks are in columns, periods are in rows, absences are red, tardies are orange, and presents are green. Like the Schedule Widget, classes can be spotlighted and the data can be printed.

Homeroom: Attendance screenshot


The Assessments widget displays the student's assessment performance via an attractive chart. From state tests to classroom-based assessments, the student's entire assessment history can be viewed together and cross-referenced. Strand data can be dove into when available. In addition to being printed, the widget's data can be downloaded.

Homeroom: Assemessments screenshot


This widget lists the type, date, description, and resulting actions of the student's discipline infractions.

Homeroom: Discipline screenshot


Different than discipline data, Observations can include anything the district desires to record on an individual student. The user who entered the observation along with the date and time are automatically recorded.

Homeroom: Observations screenshot

Enrollments, Activities, and Services

As their names would imply, the Enrollments, Activities, and Services Widgets are all about a student's enrollment, activity, or service history. Like with the other widgets we have incorporated feedback from educational leaders to give these critical student data points their own dedicated home on the Student Spotlight page.

Homeroom: Activities screenshot

Student Learning Plans

Student learning plans enable targeted educational approaches for specific student populations. Too often SLPs are just stored in a file cabinet waiting for the end-of-year audit for legal compliance. Our Student Learning Plan Widget helps enable SLPs to achieve their intended purpose.

Define qualifying conditions, select commitments and accommodations, add goals, and log communication entries.
One unique feature is the incorporation of assessment scores. Choose an assessment that is relevant to the plan, and see the student's score directly in the plan.

Homeroom: Student Learning Plan screenshot

Gradebook Viewer

The Gradebook Viewer Widget lists a student's up-to-date assignment and grade history. For ease of viewing, classes can be hidden and assignments are color-coded based on status.

Homeroom: Gradebook Viewer screenshot