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Homeroom Dashboards

Introduction to Homeroom Dashboards
Creating & Editing Assessment Sets
How To Launch A Student Spotlight
Features and Capacities of Data Grids
New Assessments Screen View
Assessment Test Scores Screen View
Assessment Set Scores Screen View - Part 1
Assessment Set Scores Screen View - Part 2
Transitioning from Homeroom Classic to Homeroom Dashboards
Stranded Test Scores Screen View
Risk Summary & Risk Detail Screen Views

Homeroom Classic

Data Extracts: Annual Assessment Breakdown by District vs School
Data Extracts: Monitor Progress of a Student
Assessment Widget: Pulling Scores from Multiple Assessments for a Group of Students
Assessments: User-Defined Assessments - Part 1: Define/Edit Assessments
Assessments: User-Defined Assessments - Part 2: Upload Assessment Scores
Data Extracts: Annual Assessment Percentages By Demographic
Data Extracts: Longitudinal Cohort Assessments
Data Extract: Cohort Assessments Comparison to District
Assessments Widget: Creating Assessment Templates
Assessments Widget: Upload Assessments
Student Groups: Creating User-Defined Smart Groups
Homeroom Dashboard
Demo Mode
Data Admin Resources Pt. 1
Data Admin Resources Pt. 2
Look Up Widget
Assessments Widget: DisplayFeaturesFiltersOptions-part 1
Directory List Widget
Data Extracts: Additional Unique Identifier List
Data Extracts: Student Yearly Growth by Assessment Test Family
Data Extracts: Students by Student Group
Data Extracts: Two Assessment Test Scatter


New ALE Parent: Providing Input for Monthly Progress
ALE: Login & Register for Classes

Data Tables

Introduction To Data Tables Part 1: Create Data Table
Introduction To Data Tables Part 2: My Data Table


Using the Student Growth Chart
Valid Evaluation Focus


Shared Item Templates
Shared Assignment Templates
My Assignment Templates
Item Templates
Assignment Templates
Manage Gradebooks

Student Data Grids

Configuring Student Columns
Configuring Behavior Columns
Configuring Enrollment Columns
Configuring Assessment Columns
Configuring Service Columns

Help Center

Help Center in the Applications

Promotional Videos

Demonstration Videos

Video Release Notes


OSPI Changes to the 2015/16 School Year
Video Release Notes v1.0.60: Assessment Widget
Video Release Notes v1.0.60: Navigation & Account
Video Release Notes v1.0.60: Risk Indicator Widget
Video Release Notes v1.0.60: Student Groups Widget
Video Release Notes v1.0.60: User-Defined Assessments


Video Release Notes v1.4.0

Training Videos

2015 Summer Summit

Summer Summit 2015: Matt King - Snohomish

2014 Summer Summit

Summer Summit 2014 - Caitlin - 202 - Part 01 - Counselor and Graduation Specialist Training
Summer Summit 2014 - Caitlin - 212 - Part 02 - Customizing Student Learning Plans (SLPs) to Monitor Progress
Summer Summit 2014 - Caitlin - 221 - Part 03 - Data Extracts for Student Growth
Summer Summit 2014 - Brenda - 207 - Part 01 - Using Strand Data to Develop SMART Goals
Summer Summit 2014 - Brenda - 217 - Part 02 - Using Homeroom for Progress Monitoring
Summer Summit 2014 - Brenda - 225 - Part 03 - Planning for a Homeroom Rollout
Summer Summit 2014 - Pauline - 205 - Part 01 - Homeroom Basics - Overview & Navigation

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