Bring data to life
with Charts


Tell a compelling
data story

Communicate critical student
data in a colorful, clear, and
easy-to-understand snapshot.

Explore the benefits

Share your information in small, digestible data points to engage others and build consensus.

  • Synthesize

    All your data points can
    be mapped, from grades
    to behavior, attendance
    to services.

  • Demonstrate

    Present evidence of student
    growth or school improvement
    to board members and
    other stakeholders.

  • Save favorite

    Create a collection of charts
    with your desired data display,
    and re-render them anytime
    to reflect current data.

Instead of me having to recreate the wheel, I just make minor adjustments to a chart I’ve already saved and ship it out.

Barbara Moses

Director of Technology and Assessments, Toppenish School District

How it works

Charts can be shared in presentations or displayed on staff dashboards to keep your
most important metrics top of mind.

  • Align your academic, demographic, and
    behavioral data
    to illuminate opportunity gaps.

  • Measure progress of any cohort, from the
    smallest subgroup to an entire school.

  • Attach descriptive text or analysis to
    your charts
    for helpful context.

  • Monitor a group’s results over time
    or on multiple assessments.

Paint a clear picture
of your impact.

Students’ needs and achievements
both become apparent with the
right visualizations.

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