Coordinate learning blocks
with Meeting Needs


Accelerate academic

Make the most of your strategic learning
initiatives by making it easy to connect
students with their targeted teaching time.

Explore the benefits

Ensure transparency in your interventions for individuals and small groups. With Meeting Needs, students
and teachers are both empowered to reclaim ground against learning losses.

  • You control
    your meetings

    Educators can customize
    meetings to be assigned
    or elective, and can limit
    the number of registrations
    for each session.

  • Monitor meeting

    Download data regarding
    attendance and track teacher
    observations recorded for
    each meeting.

  • Guidance for

    Optional reminder emails
    ensure students know where
    they’re supposed to be for
    each learning block.

We know that the kids are where they’re supposed to be; they don’t get lost in the cracks. And it provides choices to students, which is an important concept to us.

Will Nelson

Superintendent, La Conner School District

How it works

Role-based views show each user exactly what they need: administrators set the master schedule,
educators create meetings in those learning blocks, and students sign up for their chosen meetings.

  • Educators can easily create and manage their
    meetings, which can be limited to specific
    students or maximum group sizes.

  • Attendance and observations can be entered
    by educators to track the effectiveness of
    remediation meetings.

  • See which sessions students are signed up for,
    and monitor their attendance over time.

  • Display elective meetings for students to
    select from, or assign them to specific
    remediation groups.

Your mitigation
strategies deserve a
little automation.

Remove the hassle of monitoring which
students need to be where for each learning
block, and you free up time for educators to
focus on personalized remediation and


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