Enhance data access
with Data Tables


made easier

Configure custom tables and
get rich data downloads of the
precise information you need.

Explore the benefits

Provide educators with the data they need to inform instruction,
without taking away from their student contact time.

  • Lists at your

    Extract a wide array of lists
    using existing categories,
    from enrollment status to
    assessment scores.

  • Build your
    own table

    Customize your own
    data extraction from any
    SchoolData.net application
    and organize it into
    a list or table.

  • Surface data for
    daily review

    Display tables in your
    Dashboards, download them
    to spreadsheets, or save
    point-in-time results for
    future reference.

Our district has been using School Data Solutions for years. We find it to be a useful tool in school improvement planning, data analysis, and tracking target students. School Data Solutions is second to none in terms of customer service and support.

Vince Riccobene

Principal and CT Director, Sequim School District

How it works

Pull preconfigured tables of the data sets educators use most,
and mark your favorites for easy access.

  • Surface common data points that are
    monitored throughout the school year.

  • Incorporate calculations into your data
    tables for more efficient analysis.

  • Surface aggregated data and track large-scale
    — even for complex processes like
    interventions — with District Data Tables.

  • Flag your most frequently used tables as
    Favorites for easy reference, or add them as
    a link in your data Dashboards.

Empower teachers with
raw and real-time data.

For their IEP meetings, MDT meetings, MTSS
meetings, and more, make sure teachers
and administrators have easy access to the
information that drives decisions.

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We’d love to offer you a preview or answer any
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