Effective and equitable Test Prep
for benchmark assessments


Build critical confidence
for college admissions

All your students can improve their performance
on the exams that steer their future. Through
Test Prep and our partnership with Horizon
, you can offer students digital
diagnostic assessments that are aligned to both
the SAT/NMSQT/PSAT and ACT/pre-ACT exams.

Explore the benefits

Level the playing field. Test Prep’s practice exams offer your students equitable preparation for their
college-entrance tests — at a significant savings over the traditional proctored tests.

  • Improvement
    through practice

    Offer students opportunities to
    improve their scores over
    multiple practice exams.

  • Get
    results faster

    Don’t wait around for PSAT
    analytics. Get immediate
    diagnostics on students’
    specific learning gaps.

  • Customizable

    Your district determines when
    students can access each
    new practice exam.


How it works

Access data on students’ testing needs while there’s still time to make a difference.

  • Monitor completed assessments and scores for
    your class or student group, then click into each
    record for individual details.

  • Display student scores and percentile rankings for
    each exam and subject-specific section.

  • Questions are organized so students can easily
    pause and resume exams or backtrack to
    previous questions.

  • Educators can compare student performance
    across any demographic or student group.

Accessible, equitable, and
actionable preparation.

With Test Prep, you can give more of your
students more chances to enhance their
success on college-prep exams.



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New challenges once barriers to test equity are removed

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