Surface shared student needs
with Student Groups


Build meaningful
student segments

Powerful filters let you integrate
all your data sources and create
groups for one-time discovery or
long-term monitoring.

Explore the benefits

Identify highly targeted groupings based on data from the SIS,
assessments, behavior or discipline records, and more.

  • Take preemptive

    Filter for specific criteria
    to pinpoint groups in
    need of intervention.

  • Flexible

    Monitor the progress of a
    single group, or compare
    performance across
    multiple groups.

  • Integrated

    Examine your student
    groups in other School
    Data applications such as
    Charts and Risk Indicators.

It gives me the tools to be able to compare achievement and student growth from building to building, so we can start identifying pockets of greatness we can then bring to other buildings across the district.

Russ Hill

Assistant Superintendent, East Valley School District

How it works

Set up a group once, and you can continually gather new insights
about student needs that require action.

  • See how many students meet one, some, or all of your
    to prioritize interventions.

  • Map student groups for insights into their composition,
    such as the languages spoken by a specific group.

  • Review the progress of the same group across
    multiple assessments or terms.

  • Reveal differences across multiple groups’
    absence rates, assessment performance, or GPA.

Apply efficiency to
your interventions.

Student Groups makes it easier
to identify, analyze, and step in to
support the groups most at risk.



Student Group Creation - Webinar

Learn how to create and customize a Student Group with Jennifer Wright and Tonyia Cooper

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