The Data Extracts Bundle

For all your presentation needs


Your data speaks volumes.
Make sure it gets heard.

Educators know: The way you present information matters.
When you package facts with clarity and relevant context,
you empower students to internalize the knowledge and
translate it into future success.

Schools’ data is no different. Data Extracts give you elegant
and effective options to keep all your stakeholders informed
and working together to achieve district goals.


Choose the right representation for your data, whether it’s a raw table, colorful chart, or multi-page report.

  • Charts screen


    Today, education professionals have access to more and more data providing in-depth information on student, teacher and school performance. Our new Charts App is designed for you to share your data visually in a simple, easy-to-understand format.

  • Data Tables screen

    Data Tables

    Data Tables is a fast and easy method to generate multiple data sets using basic data input selections. Similar to Data Grids, Data Tables are comprehensive spreadsheets made up of data columns to present this information.

  • KPIs screen


    Gain a common perspective and make informed decisions through a series of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). They present charts in dashboards, combined with context and narrative to help superintendents and school boards make steering decisions for their district.

  • Notification Letters screen

    Notification Letters

    Notification Letters is an integrated solution to create, manage, and track notification letters sent to parents electronically or manually.

  • Reports screen


    Our Reports application is designed to help you generate form letters, produce student progress reports, and combine historical data with text to deliver meaningful reports to stakeholders in your district.


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