Keep students on track with
Readiness Indicators


Anticipate graduation issues

Draw on all the data in your database
to give students their best chance for success
in high school and beyond.

Explore the benefits

Readiness looks different for different students. Draw on more types of
measurements to evaluate student success.

  • Enhance student

    Quantify non-academic risk
    factors to elevate the greatest
    student needs.

  • At-a-glance

    Review a single readiness score
    compiled from data in your
    SIS, High School and Beyond
    planning, and more.

  • Set your risk

    We work with you to configure
    the risk calculation that makes
    sense for your students.


How it works

Understand student readiness with a single score made up of indicator behaviors you define.

  • Monitor Students via a comprehensive readiness
    score compiled from academic and behavioral data.

  • See how many at-risk students are in a
    group, based on the indicators you select.

  • Choose from pre-loaded indicators other
    districts have already identified as reliable predictors.

  • Create your own customized readiness indicators
    for alternative alerts about students at risk.

Get a clearer view into
student readiness.

By tracking established predictors, you can
focus your intervention efforts where they’ll
make the biggest impact.


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