Your coordinated and compliant
COVID Response


Provide peace of mind to
families and teachers

When health is at stake, you can’t let positive
COVID cases or possible exposures slip through
the cracks. COVID Response helps you address
all the necessary testing, tracing, and
notifications with ease.

Explore the benefits

All your COVID tracking and notification needs accomplished in a single application.

  • Stay

    Dashboards display absent
    students and pending
    notifications at a glance.

  • Manage family

    A simple search lets you
    identify and notify any students
    who were exposed at school.

  • Prove

    Build a clear paper trail of
    the steps taken to prevent
    illness from spreading.


How it works

Harness student data to simplify your school reporting requirements.

  • Monitor confirmed COVID-positive students
    and the status of their notifications.

  • Easily trace all the students who share a
    bus, or home with a student
    who has tested positive.

  • Create a consistent process, with policies
    and reference materials available to all your
    educators, nurses, and administrators.

  • Log the details of each case to streamline
    reporting and trigger the required actions.

Healthy students,
healthy schools

Discover the user-friendly application that
helps you fulfill state requirements while
you take steps to protect students and staff.


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